Hong Kong Protesters Bring Demonstration to City’s International Airport

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More than one thousand people staged a sit-in at the Hong Kong airport Friday, alerting visitors  to the recent demonstrations in the metropolis, some of which have resulted in casualties.

The demonstrators and airport staff, dressed in black also criticized the police response to attacks on pro-democracy protesters.

Cellphone video that appeared on social media shows assailants alleged to be Triad gangsters attacking protesters with pipes and poles at a Hong Kong subway station Sunday.

The protests stem from a call to end the now-suspended bill to extradite Hong Kong residents charged with criminal offenses to China for trial as well as demonstrations for democratic reforms and an end to Beijing’s tighter grip on the territory.

Hong Kong executive Carrie Lam apologized for the turmoil the extradition bill has caused and declared it “dead.”

Another march is planned for Saturday in Yuen Long, the neighborhood where a mob of white-clad men brutally attacked people at a rail station last Sunday following a large pro-democracy rally. Dozens were injured and six arrested, with police alleging some had gang ties.


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