First Eurasian Lynx Born in Pyrenees in Almost a Century

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BARCELONA, SPAIN – A Spanish nature conservation center says that the first baby lynx has been born in the Pyrenees in nearly a century. 
The Eurasian lynx is considered extinct in the Spanish and French Pyrenees, and the last time it was witnessed in these mountains was in the 1930s.  
The MonNatura Pirineus center released images of the baby feline cavorting on Wednesday, two months after it was born in captivity.  
The lynx’s parents were born in captivity in northwestern Spain before being brought to the center in 2008. 
The International Union for Conservation of Nature says the predator has stable populations in northern Europe and Asia, though it’s endangered in parts of Europe.

The Eurasian lynx is different from the smaller Iberian lynx, which had been near extinction. 

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