Iraqi Official: Parliament Approves 3 Key Cabinet Ministers

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Iraq’s deputy parliament speaker says the legislature has approved three Cabinet ministers whose posts have been vacant since the formation of the government in October.
Hassan al-Kaabi told The Associated Press that the parliament approved Najah al-Shammari for defense minister, Yassin al-Yassiri as interior minister and Farouq Amin Othman for the post of justice minister. The three were sworn in on Monday.
Al-Kaabi said election of education minister has been postponed as the current candidate didn’t get enough votes.
In October, Iraq’s parliament voted to confirm Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi’s new government while leaving the four Cabinet posts unfilled, underscoring the discord plaguing Iraqi politics.
Abdul-Mahdi had earlier proposed others for the posts but his proposals were rejected by other groups until an agreement on the new names was reached.



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